Midgard ITS

An exceptional profession

88% of all unplanned outages are due to human and mechanical failures … no room for improvisation!

Source – Uptimeinstitute

Flavien Evaristo, the founder of thecompany, has more than 10 years of experience in the field of optimizing infrastructures of data centers.
The rarity of his specialism compelled him to find his own structure to maximize the importance of the technical installations.

Wanting to link optimal service to minimal use of energy, his company developed its project of continuous improvement in all fields of work. A win-win situation at all fronts, realized by a unique company.

Midgard-ITS, technique at the service of performance.

Many companies don’t have resources that permit to supervise or treat the technical side of their data center. They don’t dispose of the time nor the necessary competences to install a precise nomenclature of their needs concerning their future infrastructure: electricity, wire structure, optimal cooling.
Our main goal is to ensure the continuity of your service, whether it’s about an initial project or a relocation.
To achieve that continuity and optimize the resources, Midgard-ITS analyses your real needs and proposes the best options. Physical and technical audit, 3D plans, drafting of the specifications, conceptualization and implementation of the facilities, wire network copper-optical fiber, rationalization, … all the issues of the server room will be dealt with.

The expertise and experience of Midgard-ITS will help you to optimize your data center, while ensuring the continuity of services and rationalization of energy consumption.